9 10, 2014

MONA suffered a big flooding

Over the last few hours it has been raining up to 150 liters per square meter in the Girona Province which has caused serious flood damage to the Primate Rescue Center Mona.


24 08, 2014

Only one short text message with you mobile phone to help the chimps!

Paying the bills for veterinarian check-ups, ultrasounds, X-rays, blood-tests, anesthetics, medicines and such can at times be a real burden on the financial situation of the rescue centre. And right now we find ourselves in such a situation. We had some veterinarian check-ups recently and will need to give some additional treatments. […]

8 08, 2014

Chimps finally have their new tower!


It´s been a very long and exhausting week, but thanks to your support and a very very motivated and energetic Team of volunteers we managed to build a spectacular tower for the boys. Now we only need to fix some wood boards as platforms and to create shade and decorate the tower with hammocks and ropes. Soon we will be able to present you with some pictures of the chimps enjoying their new tower!!!

6 03, 2014

Latest days of the campaign “Building chimps happiness”

New structures, new enrichments… Thanks to the generosity of many people we have been able to make new improvements at our facilities that for sure are going to have a very positive effect on the welfare of our rescued primates. Here’s the detail of what things we have done with your donations.


28 03, 2012

We need a little bit of help

Please help us bring a bit more of warmth to their lives. The chimpanzees’ heating system is obsolete, but we can’t face the renovation expenses alone. Please help us with a small donation.