31 12, 2018

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31 12, 2018

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15 01, 2018

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15 01, 2018

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15 01, 2018

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15 01, 2018

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20 07, 2016

Enamona’t : a school project by La Salle Cassà

The school year is over and brings to an end the great work done by the La Salle Cassà school.

This past semester, the students carried out an entrepreneur project with a clear objective: helping MONA Foundation and its rescued primates. This wonderful project involved the entire school : they got to know more about our center and the rescued primates and what can be done to help them.

Their work has been very helpful. One of the main objectives of MONA is awareness, as we believe that it is the main key element to achieving the correct protection and conservation of these species. La Salle Cassà, with their project, they have helped us get closer to these goals.

By the time we learned more about project, ENAMONA’T, we fell in love not only with the idea but also the students, who made this all possible. We were proud to see their real involment and enthusiasm about MONA and this projet. They are great role models.


12 06, 2016

Creative Lottery: lamono & Fundació MONA together to help primates in need


We are excited to announce that today starts lamono Creative Lottery to raise funds to help the Mona Foundation.

Not only does Lamono share our name; they also share our love for animals. When they heard about our work, they thought they could do something art related to raise funds for the sanctuary. They contacted the artists they thought would be most suitable for the action, based on their style and the themes they work on : nature, animals and hope. Their responses were very positive and from that moment on, the artists took on the task of creating an artwork and donate it to the solidarity lottery.

Well, the artworks are ready and we hope you are ready to fight for your favorite! The artists who have given an art piece to our cause are : Daniela Carvalho, Julian Lorenzo, Jaime Felipe Duarte, Laura Agustí, Dani Buch, Rubenimichi, Carolina Varas and Alexis Bukowski.


To participate, you have to bet 5 € (as many times as you want, the more you participate, the more chances you have to win the original) on the artist or artists that you like through this link: When you’ve chosen your favorite artwork, click on the cart at the top right hand corner of the web page, and there you will be redirected to CHECKOUT to make the payment.

On June  27th we will announce  the winners of each of the artworks. Don’t miss out this opportunity to take home a great of artwork!
For more information:


The Creative Lottery is the final activity of the Art month of June at MONA. We hope you’ve enjoyed it!

31 05, 2016

Fantastic II Edition of “La Cursa de las Monas” thanks to you!

On May 29th we organized the second edition of the “La Cursa de las Monas”, a day of sport, joy and solidarity. Everyone there ran for the primates of MONA Foundation.

But this event would not have been possible without all the volunteers who decided to work with us. Thank you guys, thanks for wanting to be part of our family!

Thank you to all the support companies: Frit Ravich, Bellsolá, EPIDOR Radicalmente Moritz, Restaurant les Oliveres, Forn de Llenya Cresell, COFFEE Cafeteria, Patronat de Turisme de Girona, Catalunya Caixa, Audax Energía, Ajuntament de Riudellots de la Selva, Consell Comarcal del Gironès i Diputació de Girona.

And to the participants : it would not have been possible without you all. No matter if you were walking or running, all of you were incredibly enthusiastic, and you did it for them and only for them: our rescued chimpanzees and macaques. Thanks for that! And thanks for the constant support in every step we take.

In our Facebook ( you will find a small compilation of the great day lived. Thanks again for participating and being part of this great event for primates.

We hope to see you again during future editions of “La Cursa de las Monas”!

30 05, 2016

A 17-year-old gorilla named Harambe is dead

A youngster managed to crawl through a fence before falling into the gorilla enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens. Harambe, the gorilla, reportedly picked up the boy and moved him around. Even though the zoo’s director acknowledged that he was not attacking the boy, it was believed that a tranquilizer wouldn’t work fast enough.

What do you think about it? Is it justified? Would it have been another alternative to avoid the death of the gorilla? Give us your opinion: