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International Macaque Week

Monday, May 3, 2021|Comments Off on International Macaque Week

MONA is one of many organizations that come together on May 3rd-9th to celebrate International Macaque Week to increase awareness about the plight of macaques all over the world and what we are doing to protect them. Of course, at MONA we specialize in caring [...]

Fly high Toni

Sunday, December 13, 2020|Comments Off on Fly high Toni

2020 is hitting us hard. Less than three months ago we announced Charly’s death, and today we have to say goodbye to our beloved Toni. […]

MONA’s on-line winter auction

Thursday, December 3, 2020|Comments Off on MONA’s on-line winter auction

Sadly, we couldn’t attend the annual Animal Aid Christmas Fayre in London this year because it was cancelled, but we are excited to announce the launch of MONA’s on-line winter auction to help our primates. […]



“It was a real privilege to see the other side of MONA and experience it for myself. I enjoyed it very much. It confirmed my suspicions…these chimps are given the best possible quality of life through an authentic and wonderful team of caregivers. “
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”Great to see our fellow primates cared for with such meticulous concern for their physical and emotional needs.”
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Vaness and Stephen, Working Holidays

“We spent here 2 wonderful days! We want to thank the MONA-Team for the nice treatment we received and want to congratulate them on their fantastic work. And also “thank you” to the chimps who accepted as very well!”
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Magali and Thomas, Working Holidays

Josep said: “It´s been the best present I have ever had, thank you Geni, thank you MONA. To love them, doesn´t mean to have them at home… let´s leave them at their place, where they belong”. Geni said: “MONA just gets you emotionally… it seems impossible to find words to describe the emotion and sensation of this experience.”
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Geni and Josep, Working Holidays

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