We are launching a Charity Event to raise funds for something very important: the yearly health checks of our rescued primates and the renewal of part of the veterinarian  material.

When? September the 26th

Where? at Skydive Empuria Brava, Costa Brava (Spain)

But we need you. Would you help us?

By sponsoring Didi’s (one of our head keepers) jump at: https://www.justgiving.com/monajumpingoutofaplane/

“They asked me if I would be collaborating in this fundraising campaign and of course I quickly sad yes, but it was only after I agreed that they told me about the part of jumping out of an airplane. It´s not really something I would normally do (and even less, being filmed and dressed up as a monkey), but I guess I can´t go back on my word and MONA really needs the money for medical treatments for the chimps and macaques living at the centre.” Didi Crailsheim

For more information you can visit this homepage:http://jumpwithmona.fundaciomona.org/