Please help us bring a bit more of warmth to their lives. The chimpanzees’ heating system is obsolete, but we can’t face the renovation expenses alone. Please help us with a small donation.

It seems that this winter has finally come to an end. A winter that we will all remember for its numerous cold spells. Within the last 11 years since the foundation of our Primate Rescue Centre, we cannot remember any year during which the chimpanzees had to stay inside so many days because of the cold instead of enjoying the outside enclosures. And neither did we ever have such an extremely high heating bill until now! As you already know, we are trying our utmost to provide our fosterlings with the best quality of life possible. However, our installations and facilities are growing older by the year and some things need to be updated and renovated to be able to maintain the wellbeing of our rescued primates. One of the most important elements that needs to be replaced by a more efficient and economical system is the heating of the dormitories. Just this week we started the construction work for a new floor heating system which will be much better and more comfortable for the chimpanzees and will also be more economical over time.
448x299x-tom manta
Tom, getting ready for the night, makes a nest with straw and blankets
Even though we managed to get it for a reasonable price (the costs will exceed £10,000/ 12.000 €), we see ourselves obligated to ask for a small one time contribution from everyone. Naturally we are aware of these being difficult times for many people, and of course we would prefer not to have to ask for extra help, but we are also in a situation that demands additional support.If you think you can help us this one time with a small donation, these are the posible options:

We hope that you can help us with a small donation. Everything counts, 4, 6, 10€ … whatever you can afford, and like this, little by little, we’ll be able to face the bills with everyone’s help.Thank you very much in advance!
Please send this to your friends and colleagues. They might be interested in helping us as well.