Over the last few hours it has been raining up to 150 liters per square meter in the Girona Province which has caused serious flood damage to the Primate Rescue Center Mona.



First thing we did once the danger was obvious, was making sure that all the animals were safe and sound. Obviously they were quite nervous and scared, having water entering their sleeping quarters, but they all had possibilities to escape the intruding water up in some hammocks and platforms.

Thanks to the quick reaction of the staff, volunteers and friends of MONA, the situation at the moment is under control and the animals are not at risk, although a great portion of the facilities are under more than half a meter (2 feet) of water. The greatest damages took place in the warehouse, the kitchen and the macaque enclosures. The outdoor chimpanzee enclosures are also flooded.

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The greatest risk right now is that heavy rains are still forecasted ahead and damages may increase and the situation may be out of control. Mona will begin soon a fundraising campaign to alleviate the consequences of the disaster.

Thanks for your help.