Thank you to all of you! The calm after the storm has also reached the MONA Foundation.

Chimpanzees and macaques have returned to their routine

Although it’s still raining (alternating days of sunshine/rain), the situation has returned to normal. Chimpanzees and macaques have returned to their routines spending time in their outdoor enclosures as if nothing had happened. Technicians in charge of the maintenance of the facilities and electric fence quickly checked and repaired the railing.

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The most important thing for us is that the primates could return to their normal routine as soon possible, and this has already been achieved. The human primate team in MONA continues cleaning, evaluating, throwing away or repairing lots of tools and material lost in the flood.

All the material assets will rapidly be replaced mainly and thanks to your contributions in the last few days. The central point is that we don’t have to regret any injuries either to the human or non-human primates. If they are OK, we’re OK!


MONA’s doors are opened to visitors once again. The first school students in this new school year have already come to visit this week, and life at MONA continues normally.


Thank you wholeheartedly to all of you!!! It is wonderful to know that MONA is not alone and that there are so many people supporting and wanting a better life for all these chimpanzees and macaques, that after a life of suffering have found peace in this sanctuary. Thank you all, YOU ARE FANTASTIC AND WONDERFUL!