New structures, new enrichments… Thanks to the generosity of many people we have been able to make new improvements at our facilities that for sure are going to have a very positive effect on the welfare of our rescued primates. Here’s the detail of what things we have done with your donations.

Last summer we launched a campaign to get extra money to be spent on new and exciting projects.

Well, thanks to the kind donations of many people we have achieved 707€ through the online campaign pages. But we want to give a special thanks to Mr. Milan, Ms. Anita and Sandra Haluche Starostik from the Primates Sanctuary Curitiba, Paraná (Brazil) for the donation of 2,500€  to make the improvement of our facilities a reality.

The details for all these improvements are:

– A new tunnel has been built to connect two enclosures for the macaques so they have more room available: total cost: 945€ (so the 707€ will be good to cover part of the expenses)

– Paint for the chimps building walls: the company Artic, through the Realdreams Foundation , has made a donation of 135 L of professional paint!

– We have installed bigger aluminum windows with a better thermal isolation for the chimps building: cost 600€

– New environmental enrichment items:  the adoptees Fernanda Bacigaluppi and Sergio have made a donation of material (huge plastic pipes, concrete blocks and other fun elements) and have paid the transportation to the sanctuary. Many thanks!

– Material to build new towers and connexions between structures outside at the chimps’ enclosures: here the 2.500€ become important, since soon will turn into new towers for the chimps

We will keep the on-line campaign a few more days, just in case some of you would like to help us cover the cost of the new windows and tunnel.

So take note:

Thanks you so much for your generosity that allows us to keep an excellent quality of life for these rescued primates that deserve a second chance.

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