4 03, 2016

The Hainan gibbon

Hainan gibbons live only on Hainan island, in the south of China. At first their were considered a subspecie of the Eastern black crested gibbons, but their fur and vocalisations make them unique.

The Hainan gibbon is active during the day, eats almost only fruits, like figues for example. This specie is arboreal and the females give birth to only one offspring every two years!

In the past 45 years, almost 80% of the population has disappeared, due to hunting, habitat lost and also due to the fact that they only live on one island in particular. Curently only 20 mature individuals are still alive. The Hainan Gibbon is the most critically endangered primate of the world with only 25 individuals left living in a 16km² territory ...

When it first was discovered, Hainan gibbons lived throughout the whole of the island, but now the entire population is gathered in a reserve, the Bawangling Nature Reserve. This creates problems of mating, food ressources, impossibility to face a possible natural disaster and so on.

If this specie ceases to exist, it would be the first primate specie to disappear since 1700…

15 02, 2016

‘We are all completely besides ourselves’ Karen Joy Fowler’s new novel

What is being a human? What makes us human? Have you ever wondered?

Karen Joy Fowler tries to answer these questions for us in her novel “We are all completely besides ourselves“. A book in which the writer comments on our relationship with other species on the planet. A history about pain, love and loyalty between parents and children, between brothers and between different species. Do you want to delve into the world of our closet kin, the ape?

You can now buy your copy at our center and join a worthy cause!

Acquire yours and know the history of Fern, a chimpanzee member of a family of human whose cohabitation becomes untenable and the separation, unbearable. A read that will not leave you indifferent…

11 02, 2016

MONA in the newsstands!

We are very proud to present you our new MONASupport Company: GIDONA’s magazine.

The leading magazine in the regions of Girona has become a communicative partner of MONA, giving voice and visibility to its more than 169,000 monthly readers!!

You can find our section each month, in which we explain everything related to the environment and the world of primates.

From MONA, we would like to thank all of the GIDONA team for their support and confidence because it is thanks to people like them that this project is possible.

This month you’ll find us on page 14 talking about Bubbles, the chimpanzee – that Michael Jackson had as a pet during the ’80s.

Does anyone know what happened to Bubbles when the king of pop got tired of him?

See you in the newsstands!

26 01, 2016

Cheeta ‘s first steps!

Being the “new guy” is not always easy. CHEETA however makes it look very easy this time.

When she arrived at MONA she was obviously nervous and confused, but Cheeta swiftly demonstrated that she is a strong and intelligent female, who enjoys every moment of her life. She got quickly accustomed to her new home and after only a few days was ready to meet her new family.

Tico, Africa, Tom, Bea, Nico, Coco, Waty and Victor… by now she has met them all already (one by one) and each encounter was a bit different but to sum it all up… it went very very well. There were a few tense moments, slow approaches due to mistrust but also a lot of playing, laughing and hugging…

But instead of wasting time trying to put it all in words, we suggest you have a look at this video to see for yourself how well her new life at MONA started. And don´t worry, there are many more updated, photos and videos to follow!

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30 11, 2015

How many kilos of bananas fit in a MINI Clubman?

And apples? And oranges? At least 180 kg!

And how do we know that? Because our friends from the # TheComminity ( visited us last November 29th with the new MINI prototype car #MINIclubman.

They gifted us with an incredible amount of material: 180Kg of fruit, a laptop, gallons of cleaning materials, large plastic containers and various tools. What a great start to our Christmas campaign to collect material for MONA!

A big thanks to #TheComminity friends for their support, kindness and solidarity !!

We recommend you all to visit their forum to see more photos and their experience at MONA:

photo credits: #thecomminity

28 11, 2015

We have a brand new MONA van

This is MONA’s new van!

And it was Lush was who made it entirely possible thanks to its product”Charity Pot ”

Lush is the fresh handmade cosmetics firm that first of all, protects the environment and believes that a better world is possible.

We want to say a big thank you to Lush for making this dream come true. It’s an amazing feeling to realize that we have friends as Lush, supporting us so strongly… We feel like flying!

Thank you Lush, because with you everything is possible!

22 11, 2015

Thank you Janice, you will be greatly missed

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our dear friend and dedicated member of our MONA-UK team Janice Wilson. Janice was a tireless animal advocate and joined MONA-UK in 2007. Janice quickly became a respected and essential part of the team in the UK who helped raise funds to support the MONA sanctuary in Spain and also to increase public awareness about the abuse of primates in captivity.

We are honored to have had the privilege to work with her so closely in her tireless battle to make a difference to the lives of primates suffering in captivity. We will never forget you. You are in our hearts forever.

20 11, 2015

Welcome Cheeta!

After a long wait, last night Cheeta, our new guest, has arrived at Fundación MONA.
Last Monday, Didi Crailsheim, one of our head keepers, traveled to Oasis Park in Fuerteventura, to meet her and discover what she likes and fears. The day after, MONA’s director Olga Feliu and our vet Josep Badia joined them in order to make Cheeta’s transition easier. In this way, once in our facilities at Riudellots de la Selva (Girona), she would have someone she already knows and trusts.

Thursday morning, Cheeta flew directly to Madrid and later we drove her to Riudellots in a van. The trip went well, with no surprises. In these first days, we are lucky to have here Vicente, one of her favorite keepers, so that the change won’t be too traumatic for her. They have been friends since the whole life, for he was who raised her when she was confiscated and moved to the Oasis Park and they had a special relationship for more than 28 years.

When Cheeta entered what would be her new indoor facility, there was no delay or second thoughts and she just passed smoothly from her transportation cage over to her new home. This morning, Cheeta happily greeted the keepers who one after another went to meet her. She was really calm and as soon as the sun started shining, we gave her access to socialization cages. She went out very quickly and again very calm and vocalizing happiness. The other chimpanzees at MONA heard her from a distance and responded to her vocalizations, which means that they now know there’s a “new girl” in the house.
When she went out for the first time a group of journalists was already waiting for her, to witness and record this special moment. After exploring her new home, Cheeta chose one of […]

18 11, 2015

Before the week is over, Cheeta will be here!

After months of veterinary counselling, Cheeta has been thoroughly tested and checked by cardiologists and thorax specialists to make sure she is in good health and in conditions to travel. That being demonstrated, on Thursday, November 19th, the transfer of Cheeta, from Oasis Park Fuerteventura to the facilities of the MONA Foundation in Girona, will take place.

She is a 30 year old female chimpanzee. In the 80’s she was illegally acquired together with a male chimpanzee by their previous owner, who exploited them, still being infants, to take pictures with people in touristic areas on another island.

The authorities confiscated the two chimpanzees from that individual, due to the illegal possession of highly endangered species, such as in this case potentially dangerous, extremely social and intelligent chimpanzees. In continuation they were left in the voluntarily offered care and maintenance of the Oasis Park zoo for the next 28 years, due to their experience and ongoing work as the only rescue and rehabilitation centre of that island.

In July there was an unfortunate escape and two of the three chimpanzees, being housed at the park´s facility had to be sacrificed for security reasons, which left the only survivor Cheeta alone.

After careful evaluation the Administration of the park decided that living on her own is not adequate for a chimpanzee, being a highly social animal. Striving to find the best solution for her, they contacted several rescue centres taking care of chimpanzees, in order to help her find a new family instead of living the rest of her life* alone. (* The life expectancy of chimpanzees can exceed the 60 years).

After discarding other options they opted to contact us. Resuming the communication from when we contacted them offering our help and offering the possibility of Cheeta´s integration in one of our chimpanzee groups, once […]

8 11, 2015

MONA gets naked!

And we are not the only ones! Because we wanted to join and support the campaign “Wear your own skin” launched by our friends of Animanaturalis. They are defending animals and against the use of furs, working to promote ethical alternatives.

We encourage you to also undress and spread the word! Here is the guide with instructions on how to join the campaign.