2020 is hitting us hard. Less than three months ago we announced Charly’s death, and today we have to say goodbye to our beloved Toni.

You already know that for the last few years he had suffered from heart problems, and recently he also had a kidney condition which we were controlling through periodic reviews and ultrasounds. The truth is that on the medication he was doing very well and leading a normal life. He seemed rejuvenated and full of energy.

But unfortunately last night he left us. We found his little body on top of the straw in his bedroom. Bongo had been guarding him. Juanito cleaned him up and approached us crying, asking for comfort…
Once again, it’s been a tough blow for the whole team; for the many people who loved him, and for his chimpanzee family.

We will never know the number of atrocities Toni suffered before his rescue, but we do know that during the almost 20 years that he has been with us at MONA, we have cared for and pampered him. We’ve known he was at risk since he fell ill about three years ago, so we are happy to have been able to give him a good life in these precious years. Now he has gone to meet again with his life partner and friend of the heart Charly.

Today absolute silence returns to the centre and only the birds are heard. We are all in mourning.