In recent months we have had some very special visits to MONA. Great people we admire a lot and who also dedicate their lives to working for primates.

Rosa Garriga

Rosa Garriga:

She did not only visit us but taught our first course of introduction to Primate Veterinary. She’s been in charge of the health of more than 300 orangutans at Orangutan Care Center & Quarantine, Orangutan Foundation and 100 orphan chimps at Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary, Sierra Leone.

Charla Rebeca Atencia


Rebeca Atencia:

Rebeca Atencia, director of the Jane Goodall Institute Congo visited us. We learned a lot about her experience rescuing and caring for more than 150 chimpanzees at the Tchimpounga rehabilitation centre she runs.

Gregg Tully:

And we were also very fortunate to welcome the director of PASA. The Pan African Sanctuary Alliance is the largest association of wildlife centres in Africa, comprising 23 organisations from 13 countries that are securing a future for African primates and their habitat.



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