Her story

Suzie is a female chimpanzee born in the mid-1970s, most likely in the wild. She spent her early years in Belgium, where she was used in the circus and in TV commercials.

Suzie was already retired when in 1995 her owners moved her to a small village in Alicante, together with another chimpanzee, Jimmy. They lived together in a cage in a private home until 5 years ago, when her only companion died.

It has been 11 years since we first heard about Suzie and it has not been until now that we and other various organizations have been able to convince her owners that the best place for a chimpanzee is in the company of her fellow chimpanzees at MONA. Therefore, her last years will be in a large naturalistic facility, with plenty of grass, vegetation and bushes…
And most importantly, she will no longer be alone.



Why We Need You?

We Depend Solely on Donations

MONA can only continue helping primates with donations from individuals and companies, since we do not receive any subsidies.

A Lifetime Commitment

Chimpanzees can live for over 60 years. Currently, the youngest chimpanzee at MONA is 18 years old and Suzie arrives as one of the oldest chimpanzees in the centre.


Creation of two ICUs

In order to accommodate Suzie now, we have created a new intensive care area, which will also be helpful for our other ageing resident primates. The new ICU will allow us to respond quickly to any age-related health problems that may appear.

MONA’s 20 Year Anniversary

Suzie arrives in the year of our 20th anniversary. Before her, 30 primates have gone through the same rescue and rehabilitation process. It is a complicated process but being able to give them a decent life is worth all the effort.


Together We Can Change Lives

We cannot continue to help more primates alone.
We need your collaboration.
Each new rescue obviously involves extra expenses (health checks, veterinary and travel expenses). For Suzie’s rescue, we have the additional cost of creating a new ICU for Suzie and the rest of our ageing primates.

Every donation counts. Thank you with all our hearts.




Please help Suzie today.

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