She has been at MONA since this September, allowing an end to a case that started 11 years ago.

To help Suzie before it was too late for her, we had to convince her owners to hand her over to us. Years went by and there was no progress from the applicable authorities or their administrative/legal lines of action, even though they had reasons to confiscate her and we had been asking them to do so for years. After many conversations and meetings between the owners and the organisations Stichting AAP, Jane Goodall Institute Congo and ourselves, we were able to make them understand that she would be better off in the company of her peers and cared for by professionals. Thus, with her arrival, her days of loneliness have finally come to an end.

A second chance

And how is Suzie? Well, she is settling in wonderfully.

She loves the high hammocks from where she can look at the surrounding trees, the neighbouring macaques and watch the hustle and bustle of the keepers, while she is basking in the sun.

We are in the introduction process with a group and she already knows all the chimpanzees that will be her new family: the Bilinga. We must say that she is very calm, maybe even excessively so, but let’s not forget that she is nearly in her 50s! To our surprise, the one who is helping her the most and with whom she is looking for the most interaction with is Tom, who, despite his very nervous personality, is a real sweetheart with her and gives her the company she has needed for so long. We will keep you updated on how her integration is progressing.

Help us feed her with just 1€/month or adopt a chimp

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* Suzie can’t be adopted, but you can help her by sponsoring one of her new family members


Did you miss Suzie’s arrival at MONA?

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