4 03, 2016

“La mona” most MONA

During the days before Easter, bakeries take part in a delicious and original show: “La Mona de Pascua”, cakes and chocolate figures, some with much complexity and detail they can be considered works of art.

But this year “La mona” will be even more “mona” than ever because Jordi Roca, the best pastry chef in the world, has created a ”mona” inspired by MONA Foundation.

It’s a large artwork, a sculpture made of 72% chocolate, with a surprise inside made up of 40% cacao and 100% solidarity because the profits of “la mona” will go towards the Primate Rescue Center.

The best “mona” in the world will be sold in Rocambolesc stores (Girona and Madrid) from March 15th. Price: 30 €.

Or you can also order one (to pick up from store) from March 15th to 18th, calling at +34 972 416 667 (Rocambolesc Girona) or +34 915 76 52 34 (Rocambolesc Madrid).

We hope you enjoy this very especial mona!!

4 02, 2015

Winter is coming!

Yes we are in Spain… yes we typically have a lot of sun and normally tend to suffer from hot instead of cold weather… but still we get some cold days here as well.


9 10, 2014

MONA suffered a big flooding

Over the last few hours it has been raining up to 150 liters per square meter in the Girona Province which has caused serious flood damage to the Primate Rescue Center Mona.


1 04, 2005

Nico: one tough life

If you remember in the latest issue of our magazine we told you about Sara and Nico’s rescue and their adaption to the center.

Sara quickly joined Romie’s group (although she displayed some rocking behavior quite a bit). While, Nico showed from the start that he is extremely dependant on humans.

From the start, and only a few days after arriving, he started to bite his left wrist in order to get attention from the volonteers and keepers at Mona. Since we did not want him to hurt himself anymore we decided to take shifts watching him, this had to be carried out during several months.

Since none of the staff at Mona had experienced this type of situation before, we asked the help of vets, other centers and any individual or center that had had to deal with something similar. There’s no easy remedy to Nico’s behavior, there have not been many successful cases of cured chimpanzee automutilation.

Finally, it was decided that first we would need to heal Nico’s wounds and then introduce with with care to some of the members of Romie’s group. This decision meant that the volunteers and staff members would have double their efforts, a great part of the daily job was now to take turns watching Nico. ‘We are extremely thankful for all the work Mona workers and volunteers have carried out’, declared Olga Feliu.

We tried to get him not to hurt himself anymore but our efforts were not successful, we had to anesthesize Nico several times in order to suture his wounds. The situation worsened when Nico proceeded to bite his pinky finger on his left hand and seriously hurt his articulation between his second and third phalange. After completing a biopsy of the auxilary nodes and the affected articulation, vets declared that unfortunately the only […]