The COVID-19 pandemic is a crisis that affects everyone without exception. The virus arrived just a few months ago and has already made a serious impact on our lives: it has taken thousands of them, and put the rest to a standstill. We live in an era of uncertainty; and fear has established itself within our homes. Much like tackling the virus itself, there is only one way we can overcome that fear – by staying united in battle.

If we follow the instructions of the world health experts, everything will eventually be OK. This is just what we are doing at MONA. The administration, communication, education, and research staff are all now working from home. However, as you well know, the health and well-being of the rescued primates that live in our Rehabilitation Centre depends solely on us. A tireless team of caregivers are handling the situation by remaining on site around the clock to care for the animals. We wanted to use this letter as an opportunity to send them all of our support and love. Above all, we want to say thank you for your commitment to society, primates, and the world.

Of course, we can’t forget all of the people who are working on a daily basis to end this disease and stop its spread. THANK YOU!