Given the alarming situation of COVID-19, our volunteers had the opportunity to say ” I am going to go back to my country and take shelter under the blanket next to my Mum”, but they did not consider this option for a second and that is admirable.

    We speak with Alba Gómara, coordinator of Volunteering and the European Solidarity Corps projects, and co-head of the Primate Rehabilitation and Rescue Department. 

We work with young Europeans who come to carry out volunteer work at our centre. They are participants in the EUROPEAN SOLIDARITY CORPS.

Since 2015 Fundación MONA is one of the accredited Entities in Europe that receives funding from the European Commission to welcome and send young volunteers. These are benefited with scholarships that guarantee, above all, security and protection, with all expenses covered wherever they go.

As Project Coordinator, in interviews to select the best candidates I have always told them: » Perhaps it doesn’t matter that much what you are going to do. It matters that you know what you want – if you like a country, if you want to learn a language, meet people, develop yourself as a person, ultimately grow… ». But ultimately, I try to look into the eyes of the person and see that desire to want to do something to help others. We are really looking for young people who want to change the world.

Archie, Cecilia, Barbara, Margot and Celia had it clear. Faced with the alarming situation of COVID-19, the word SOLIDARITY became more relevant than ever. They are young – under 30 years old – because this is a mandatory requirement to participate in this scholarship. They do not have the qualifications of doctors, health workers, police, firemen, or politicians…but they dove in at the deep end to help us. 

They had the opportunity to choose the option, ” I am going to go back to my country and take shelter under the blanket next to my Mum“, but they did not consider this option for a second, and that is admirable.

Perhaps our youth grows stronger, gaining deeper understanding of the word SOLIDARITY. And perhaps Europe, so fragile and damaged at the moment, opted for an initiative that has truly positive effects and results.


Cecilia talks about her experience during life under confinement at the sanctuary: 


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