Empathy, Education and Conservation: Primates in a shared world

This year the event took place in Lisbon and this is where our Research team flew, along with some of the students of the Masters in Primatology of Fundació Universitat de Girona and Fundació MONA (masterprimatologiaudg.com).

The presentations were very interesting and enriching, showing a good “level of health” of Iberian Primatology. As always, new bonds and future collaborations were created in order to continue learning about our evolutionary family and working for their conservation and well-being. And we came back with a great reward for our work: winning 4 of the 5 awards were handed out:

– Best oral communication: Dietmar Crailsheim et al. –Social grooming networks of former pet and entertainment chimpanzees are shaped by previous experiences and alterations of group composition

– Best poster communication: Naomi Anderson et al – What can we learn About Dominance and reconciliation in chimpanzees?

– Special mention for best poster communication: Iria G. Quiroga et al. Rehabilitation and Reintroduction of Saimiri cassiquiarensis in the Tamandua Ecological Reserve (Ecuador)

– Prize for the best field photography in Primatology: Martí Masip.


* The projects that have given rise to these results have received the support of the “La Caixa” (EMCOBA Project), according to the agreement LCF / PR / PR17 / 11120020 and the Generalitat de Catalunya AGAUR (2017 SGR-1040) .

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