The Mona Foundation rescued Tom on Monday June 13th. He is a male chimpanzee, about 20 years old. He was bought in the 90s along with another female chimp, by his former owner, -who already had another female chimp who came from the circus.

Spanish laws still allow people to legally keep chimpanzees -although they are an endangered species and can be potentially dangerous. These highly intelligent and social animals remain in the hands of private collectors, circuses and trainers who can rent them to be used as props in television programs.Tom’s former owner is one of the few exemplary cases, because despite having permits to legally keep these animals in cages at his home, after several meetings with primate experts from FAADA  and MONA, he agreed to give them up putting the welfare of the primates first and he has committed to help the Foundation in the lifetime care of Tom and the two females.

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On Monday MONA staff went to the home of the owner of Tom to conduct veterinary checks and to transfer him to our sanctuary.

The transfer went very well. Tom, the thirteenth chimpanzee to be rescued will now go through a period of rehabilitation before he can be integrated into our chimp group. The two females Coco and Bea will be transferred to the sanctuary once the integration of Tom is complete which could take many months.

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