11 02, 2016

MONA in the newsstands!

We are very proud to present you our new MONASupport Company: GIDONA’s magazine.

The leading magazine in the regions of Girona has become a communicative partner of MONA, giving voice and visibility to its more than 169,000 monthly readers!!

You can find our section each month, in which we explain everything related to the environment and the world of primates. www.gidona.cat

From MONA, we would like to thank all of the GIDONA team for their support and confidence because it is thanks to people like them that this project is possible.

This month you’ll find us on page 14 talking about Bubbles, the chimpanzee – that Michael Jackson had as a pet during the ’80s.

Does anyone know what happened to Bubbles when the king of pop got tired of him?

See you in the newsstands!

4 10, 2015

I/O our new MONASupport company

We are extremly proud to present our new MONASupport company. The study of design and communication I / O is socially responsible company and works for primate welfare!

14 06, 2014

MONASUPPORT; companies supporting the primates

In the picture you can see our new friends Natalia and Carlos, managers of Can Solà with their new certificate as supporters of MONA.
It´s only thanks to people like them and businesses like Can Solà that MONA is able to continue the rescues of more primates, giving them a better life and at the same time providing a chance to learn more about them as well as to respect them.
Thank you Can Solà and welcome to the Team!

More about MONASupport (PDF Format)


22 09, 2013

We launch MONASupport for primate friendly businesses

Everytime that some of you ask us why we do not rescue more animals, we do not do more awareness campaigns, or do not have our own TV show…. the answer is always the same: because we still need more help from people like you to get to these goals! So who wants to join us in a project so wild as MONA ?