Everytime that some of you ask us why we do not rescue more animals, we do not do more awareness campaigns, or do not have our own TV show…. the answer is always the same: because we still need more help from people like you to get to these goals! So who wants to join us in a project so wild as MONA ?

All of your know that MONA is a project financed by aid from individuals, partners, sponsors, campaigns, visitors, schools … and now thanks to Business SOLIDARITY!
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If you have a business and you want to help a pioneer project in the world, promoting respect and dignity and advocating for a better and fairer world for all the living beings, this is your project!

Only 1,000 euros  per year and in three different ways that you can choose :

Direct donation of 1,000 euros per year….or….A percentage of a product that you commercialises….or…In species, donate your products or services by this value equivalent…

You  will be part of this team ! Team  already thousands of people and enjoy a range of benefits, from tax relief to property 35% of your donation, to be able to offer discounts to your customers to visit MONA but especially the satisfaction  that you are changing the lives of our closest relatives.

An average of 10,000 visitors a year, 3,500 students, agreements with 25 European and American Universities  training future primatologists worldwide…

MONA is a project that does not stop!
Doubts ?Tell us, we will be happy to explain you the project!:  info@fundaciomona.org
Welcome to the team! If MONA progress is THANKS to people like you!!
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