29 12, 2010

Registration for 2011 courses is now open

Tico per MllorenteFrom next Monday 27 December the enrollment period will be open for the various 2011 courses. We will be offering a total of 18 courses structured in 5 areas: Primatology and Ethology, Conservation and Management, Human Evolution, Photography and Drawing, and Natural Sciences. These will consist of: Primate Cognition Seminars I and II, Chimpanzee Protection; Naturalistic Drawing and Improvement in Nature Photography, amongst others. New developments have been the addition of two courses on the Management and Care of Primates course, and a further level on the Origins and Evolution of Human Behavior II course.


18 10, 2010

Skills acquired 7 million years ago

The preferential use of one hand over the other to perform certain tasks is a feature that reflects the functional division of the brain in the execution of a series of tasks. These findings are especially important from an evolutionary point of view and could explain the emergence of language or technology when this feature is present in humans.