Tico per MllorenteFrom next Monday 27 December the enrollment period will be open for the various 2011 courses. We will be offering a total of 18 courses structured in 5 areas: Primatology and Ethology, Conservation and Management, Human Evolution, Photography and Drawing, and Natural Sciences. These will consist of: Primate Cognition Seminars I and II, Chimpanzee Protection; Naturalistic Drawing and Improvement in Nature Photography, amongst others. New developments have been the addition of two courses on the Management and Care of Primates course, and a further level on the Origins and Evolution of Human Behavior II course.

Our training program which began in 2007 and has seen more than 780 people attend it, is aimed at anyone interested in Primates, in Nature, Conservation and Natural and Human Sciences. Targeted to, primarily, graduates and students of Psychology, Biology, Prehistory, Anthropology and Veterinary studies or those who wish to broaden their understanding of primate evolution, conservation, biology and behavior; however, it is also open to the general public interested in understanding the world of primatology and animal behavior, conservation, human evolution or natural sciences. For this reason no previous knowledge is required in order to attend any of our courses.


In the area of Primatology and Ethology

Specialised course in Ethoprimatology Field Assistant (6 to 9 months)
– Open all year

Primate Ethology Level 1 (15 hours; 2 days)

  1. March 18th – 19th
  2. May 6th and 7th
  3. July 8th and 9th
  4. August 5th and 6th
  5. September 2nd and 3rd
Primate Ethology Level 2 (15 hours; 2 days)
  1. June 3rd and 4th
  2. September 16th and 17th
Primate Ethology Level 3(15 hours; 2 days)
  1. October 14th and 15th
Practical Workshop in Primate Behavior Observation(15 hours, 2 days)
  1. July 29th – 30th
Primate Cognition Seminar I(8 hours; 2 days)
  1. Pending date

Primate Cognition Seminar II (15 hours; 2 days)

  1. Pending date
Biology, Conservation and Behavior of Primates(in partnership with Animal Latitude)

(7 hours, 2 days)

  1. Pending date
 Conservation and Management

Conservation of Primates and their habitats (7.5 hours, 1 day)
1. February 25th
2. October 7th

Chimpanzee Conservation: current status and future challenges (7.5 hours, 1 day) New
1. May 21

Seminar on the Management and Resocialization of Primates
1. Pending date

Primate Caretaker New
1. December 16th and 17th


Area of Human Evolution

Origins and Evolution of Human Behaviour I (15 hours, 2 days)

June 24th and 25th

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Origins and Evolution of Human Behavriour II (15 hours and 2 days) New

  1. November 4th and 5th

Photography and Drawing

Introduction to Nature Photography (15 hours; 2 days)

  1. March 4th and 5th
  2. April 29th and 30th

Improvement in Nature Photography (15 hours, 2 days) New

  1. July 1st and 2nd

Introduction to Scientific and Naturalist Illustration (15 hours, 2 days) New

  1. April 8th and 9th

Natural Sciences

The Primates of the Stars: Introduction to Astronomy (15 hours, 2 days)

  1. December 9th and 10th


1 day courses: General fee € 50

2-day courses: General Fee € 100

  • discounts for students, the unemployed, partners and sponsors of the Mona Foundation, and partners and members of the following organizations: Jane Goodall    Institute, AICAS and Altarriba, Libera.

For more information about the programmes, function and registration process, please contact:
Miquel Llorente Espino
Research Unit and Ethology Laboratory
Mona Foundation


E-Mail: recerca@fundacionmona.org
Phone: 972 477 618