14 04, 2011


CosmoCaixa Barcelona_baja

Within the framework of the activities prepared for MONA’s 10th Anniversary, we will be welcoming Dr. and Dra. Fouts. During their visit they will speaking at a conference at Cosmocaixa on 4th May, where they will explain how sign language eradicates the division between chimpanzees and humans. Admission is free but reservations are required.


1 04, 2011

The primatologist William McGrew of Cambridge University visits us

From the 31st March to the 1st April William C McGrew learnt all about the rehabilitation and resocialization work, taking place at the MONA Foundation’s Rescue Centre in Riudellots de la Selva.
One of the main objectives was to conduct a workshop about the research projects that MONA has undertaken over the last few years on the subjects of human evolution and animal wellbeing.


19 02, 2011


On the occasion of our tenth anniversary, Josep Call will offer some courses in December on cognition in great apes. In addition, we are setting the basis to start a joint collaboration between the Max Planck Institute and the Mona Research Unit.