How do you keep yourself warm in the winter? A big jumper? A blanket? Heating? A hot drink? Here at MONA we do all of these things for our rescued primates.

How we ‘survive’ the cold winter

The Chimpanzee bedrooms are fitted with under floor heating and air conditioning units that can heat (and cool) the air. This maintains the temperature of the rooms at a comfortable 20’c, which helps keep our chimpanzees healthy over the relatively short, but sometimes severe winters we can experience here in Northern Spain.

The Chimps love to use blankets for additional warmth – they can often be seen wearing them as a cloak or incorporating them in to their nests. To help the chimps start the day well we offer them a warm drink in the mornings and in the evenings they enjoy a warming soup before going to sleep.

Our Barbary macaques, on the other hand, are better equipped to deal with the low temperatures as they are naturally found in areas with a large temperature variation. They are covered with a dense coat which wards off the worst of the cold and wet, but that doesn’t always stop them from getting cold feet..! To keep warm they curl up their toes and tuck them under their bodies.

Ice Everywhere!

Despite temperatures during the day regularly reaching the mid-teens, the nights are often cold with temperatures dropping below zero. Many days start with a covering of frost and it’s not uncommon for the macaques water bowls to be frozen over. When they have thawed out a bit, Pipa likes to pick up the small ice block and lick it or take a bite out of it.

Because of the low morning temperatures, the chimps are not allowed in to the outdoor enclosure until the sun has chased away the frost and the air temperature is close to 11 degrees. The small pool in Bilinga is in a sheltered area and can retain a small covering of ice until late morning. Tico often shows an interest in the ice and once took a piece up to his favourite tower.


For just £6 per month, you can adopt one of our chimpanzees and make a huge difference to their lives!


Adopting a chimp is a very special gift to yourself or someone else and provides a unique link to one of our closest relatives. Discover what happens in their everyday lives, share in their group relationships, keep updated on their health and get a true insight into what it’s like to be a resident at the MONA sanctuary. Additionally, you can feel great knowing that you are making an important contribution to the long-term welfare of our rescued chimpanzees and macaques.

An adoption pack includes:

• a certificate of personal sponsorship
• a personalized adopter card
• a guided tour of the sanctuary
• a photo of their sponsored animal
• our biannual journal Primates
• a news update every six months so they can stay up to date.
• invitation to our Biennial Meetings of Collaborators
• discounts on all our courses
• discounts on our family visits & workshops
• discounts on Working Holidays as a primate caretaker
• preference when booking additional guided tours


For just £3 per month, you can become a MONA member!


Adopters and Members are the pillars to our foundation. By becoming a member, you are supporting the continued care of our primates and helping us to manage the general maintenance and upkeep of the rehabilitation center. In addition to the personal satisfaction of helping to save these animals, you will also receive discounts, regular updates and so much more!

The lucky recipient will receive:

• a personalized membership card
• a photo of one of our rescued chimpanzees
• our biannual journal Primates
• complementary guided tour
• discounts on all our courses
• discounts on our family visits & workshops
• discounts on Working Holidays as a primate caretaker
• preference when booking additional guided tours


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