Adopt me!


One of the best ways to offer your help is sponsoring one of the chimpanzees. Your help allows us to make plans for the near future and in the long-term, a necessity because chimpanzees can get older than 65 years! Adopting a chimp is a very special way to stay informed about how your chimp is [...]

Feed me!


From only 2 GBP per month you can contribute to our primate’s healthy and balanced diet. One chimpanzee eats about 100kg of fruit and mixed vegetables per month! Visit this link to see how: It is the most economical and direct way you can help them have a better life and [...]

Become a Volunteer


Volunteer support has been the key to making this project a reality. Without volunteers it would be a very difficult day to day in the center, they are indispensable. We want to thank all of you that have taken time to make this world a better one. Types of volunteering: [...]

Become a Member


Partners and sponsors are the pillars to our foundation. By becoming a partner you get to know these wonderful chimpanzees and macaques first-hand. Through your support, we can continue to care for our primates as well as manage the general maintenance and upkeep of the rehabilitation center. In addition to the personal satisfaction of helping [...]

Make a Donation


Every little bit helps. And in our rescue center we know this very well, since over 90% of our income comes from individuals like you! Together, little by little, we can make a big difference. With your donation you are supporting us to take better care of the primates and [...]

Working Holidays


“It was a real privilege to see the other side of MONA and experience it for myself. I enjoyed it very much. It confirmed my suspicions…these chimps are given the best possible quality of life through an authentic and wonderful team of caregivers.“ ”Great to see our fellow primates cared for with such [...]

Legacies and Inheritances


The life expectancy of a chimpanzee can exceed over 60 years, so we built MONA with a long-term vision. Leaving your legacy or inheritance with us is an incredible way to help ensure MONA’s continuity to save our future generations of primates and furthering education for children to come. [...]

Solidarity Gifts


Surprise your loved ones with a one-of-a-kind gift! Get creative with your own unique ideas to give the gift that gives back. We would love to work with you to find the perfect idea that your special somebody would love most. Here are some ideas to get you started. Under the name of your choosing, [...]