Project Description

Activity temporarily suspended due to Covid-19
“It was a real privilege to see the other side of MONA and experience it for myself. I enjoyed it very much. It confirmed my suspicions…these chimps are given the best possible quality of life through an authentic and wonderful team of caregivers.“
Emma from England
”Great to see our fellow primates cared for with such meticulous concern for their physical and emotional needs.”
Vaness and Stephen from England
“We spent here 2 wonderful days! We want to thank the MONA-Team for the nice treatment we received and want to congratulate them on their fantastic work. And also “thank you” to the chimps who accepted as very well!”
Magali and Thomas from France
Josep said: “It´s been the best present I have ever had, thank you Geni, thank you MONA. To love them, doesn´t mean to have them at home… let´s leave them at their place, where they belong”. Geni said: “MONA just gets you emotionally… it seems impossible to find words to describe the emotion and sensation of this experience.”
Geni and Josep from Spain

What can you expect from a working holiday at MONA?

This experience is designed not only for those people who love primates but for anyone with an interest in animal rescue and rehabilitation. MONA is the first primate rescue centre in Europe to open its doors for this kind of activity and our short stays offer something truly unique, where you will be able to immerse yourself in the daily care routine and lives of chimpanzees and macaque and make a real contribution to their welfare.

What do you do on your Working Holiday?

Become a part of the MONA team for a few days!
You will work under supervision of our most experienced caregivers. A full briefing and training in the days tasks will be provided and you can expect to roll-up your sleeves for what will be a fun, educational and very interactive working experience… and so much more!

When and how do I sign up?

The working holiday can take place any day of the week, all year round. Please contact us directly to check availability and reserve your short stay.
A typical day lasts from 9 am to 6 pm (winter) and 7:30 pm (Summer)

You can make reservations for yourself or as a gift for a loved one.

Price table

1 person 2 people IJG members and FAADA members MONA members MONA adopters
for two days 240 € 400 € 220 € 200 € 180 €
for three days 345 € 570 € 316 € 300 € 270 €
for four days 440 € 720 € 405 € 400 € 360 €


“100% of the value of this experience is intended to cover the operating costs of the rescue center. Through activities like this, we can continue the work to provide a new opportunity for these primates in MONA and continue the mission of rescuing others who should also have a second chance… Thank you. ”

What’s included?

  • all activities of the caregiver team
  • supervision and training by an experienced caregiver (theoretical and practical)
  • all necessary materials
  • uniform shirt

What is not included?

  • transportation, accommodation and living expenses. (Ask for a list of hotels where participants will receive Working Holiday discounts).

“You will live the incredible experience of everyday life in a Primate Rescue Center in which all animals are in the process of adaptation and recovery. Therefore, our policy is to have no physical contact or direct interaction with the primates. MONA has a security protocol for protection at work to safeguard the volunteer worker and protect the welfare of our primates.”

For more info and reservations call us at + 34 972 477 618 or fill out this form and we will contact you. (The personal details you provide will be used only for the purpose of this form. In no case will any information be shared with third parties).


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