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From only 2 GBP per month you can contribute to our primate’s healthy and balanced diet. One chimpanzee eats about 100kg of fruit and mixed vegetables per month! Visit this link to see how: DONATE It is the most economical and direct way you can help them have a better life and [...]

Become a Volunteer


Volunteer support has been the key to making this project a reality. Without volunteers it would be a very difficult day to day in the center, they are indispensable. We want to thank all of you that have taken time to make this world a better one.

Become a Member


Partners and sponsors are the pillars to our foundation. By becoming a partner you get to know these wonderful chimpanzees and macaques first-hand. Through your support, we can continue to care for our primates as well as manage the general maintenance and upkeep of the rehabilitation center. In addition to the personal satisfaction of helping to save these animals, you will also receive discounts, inside information, gifts from us, and more!

Solidarity Gifts


Surprise your loved ones with a one-of-a-kind gift! Get creative with your own unique ideas to give the gift that gives back. We would love to work with you to find the perfect idea that your special somebody would love most. Here are some ideas to get you started. Under the name of your choosing, you can give a gift to your favorite chimpanzee! Give the gift of dinner supplies, games and puzzles, or give Victor his favorite: a blanket! Save a life as a part of our rescue team as a benefactor, help cover veterinary costs, or give the gift of medical supplies. Or why not give your primate lover the experience of a life-time with a Working Holiday as a primate care-taker? Or shop in our on-line shop and browse some of our t-shirts, stuffed animals, board games, and more! Whatever you choose, your loved one will receive from us a thank you package and a personalized greeting written from you! Send us an email to info@fundaciomona.org with the gifts you want and we will contact you so. Thanks a lot!   Give nuts 1 month to 1 chimp in the name of the person you choose. 10€ Give pears 1 month to 1 chimp in the name of the person you choose. 15€ Give oranges 1 month for 4 chimpanzees in the name of the person you choose. 25€ Give all the bananas for 1 month in the name of the person you choose. 72€ Offer seasonal fruit 1 month for 4 chimpanzees in the name of the person you choose. 40€ Give a one-year sponsorship of one of our chimpanzees. £72 Donate a portion of the cost of the annual veterinary examination.  £50 Working Holiday as a primate care-taker. From only  180€ Enrichment material: keeping the animals stimulated is as important […]