DCF 1.0

As a primate rescue centre/NGO we are permanently struggling to raise funds in order to rescue and help more chimpanzees. However, once rescued it is equally important to provide them with the best care possible, maintaining them happy and healthy at all times.

You can help to make sure the chimps continue to have healthy, balanced, flavorful meals by sponsoring the chimps meals with only 1€ per month and at the same time support our goal to rescue and help more chimpanzees in need.

How? Thanks to the microdonations platform Teaming. This iniciative started in 1998 and helps other charities with 1€ donations. Every member of  Teaming donates 1€  per month to the charity campaign chosen.

Can I collaborate with more than 1 eur per month? No, with Teaming the donations are only of 1 eur monthly. If you wish to help us with a different amount, you can always become a member or a supporter sponsoring Nico, Africa, Bongo, Toni, Toto or Juanito.

Why are we now asking you to donate 1 eur/month? Because the donation for food we have been receiving in the last few years, has been reduced to half the amount. So we urgently need to find new ways to face the expenses to make sure that these rescued primates have a healthy and balanced diet. And more over, with these microdonations you are helping us to achieve our long term goal, which is rescuing more chimps in need.

So, do you have 1 spare euro? Would you like to join our Teaming group? Follow these steps:

  1. go to
  2. join the group and sign up as a Teaming user
  3. Introduce your credit card number (or your bank account*), so that you can contribute 1 euro a month automatically. This website meets all the online security protocols to prevent any type of fraudulent practices.

Any doubts regarding Teaming? Visit the frequent asked questions section:

Teaming works on word propaganda and team-work. Spread the word and try motivating your family, friends and people at work to join us at Teaming.

Only 1€ from you, your friends or colleagues can make a big difference for the chimpanzees. Imagine what we could accomplish if every would just donate with 1€ per month.