12 11, 2010


It’s been an extremely difficult day for us at MONA. We end it with the sad news that our dear Romie has passed away.

As we informed you yesterday, today she was to undergo surgery to remove the uterine mass we found during a special health check on Tuesday. Unfortunately, during the operation we discovered with great shock that most of her organs were seriously affected by tumors, Romie had been living her normal life until last weekend when she didn’t want to join her group outside in the big enclosures. Her health had rapidly declined since then and we now know why. Her body was not been able to cope with the surgery that merely would have extended her suffering for a few more days.

We will always remember her as our sweet Romie, and hope that over time the family will learn to live without her, as so will we. Once more we thank you for your support which has enabled her to live at MONA in what were surely the best years of her life.

MONA Foundation