18 10, 2010

Skills acquired 7 million years ago

The preferential use of one hand over the other to perform certain tasks is a feature that reflects the functional division of the brain in the execution of a series of tasks. These findings are especially important from an evolutionary point of view and could explain the emergence of language or technology when this feature is present in humans.

23 09, 2010

MONA presents its latest projects at the XIII National and X-Latin American Conference on Ethology

As we have been doing since the 2006 edition, we took this opportunity to present the results of some of the latest projects currently being carried out: cognition, handedness, animal well-being and primate resocialization.

One of our prime objectives at this conference was to highlight the importance of ethology for us in two key areas: to help improve the well being of abused primates, and on the other hand provide ethoprimatological models to help explain the hominization process of the human being