4 02, 2015

Look at Jane, ready to run!

Perhaps you saw that over the last weeks friends of MONA started to fund the MONArunners, participating in official marathons. And now we have our first MONArunner in the UK, Jane decided to run for the primates at MONA trying to help raise some funds for the primates at the Sanctuary.


Jane: “Hi everyone, back in September 2014 my partner & I were fortunate enough to visit MONA and see for ourselves the wonderful work they do every day caring for rescued chimpanzees and other primates in need. I am running the Vitality Reading Half Marathon for MONA because they are dedicated to the welfare of primates!!”
Have a look and support her cause!!!
If you also feel like raising some funds for MONA, be it by challenging yourself like Jane or in any other way, feel free to contact us at info@mona-uk.org and we are happy to help you setting it up!