We are very sad to announce that Toto passed away this morning.
Toto, you will always be in our hearts. Now you can rest in peace.


Yesterday he didn’t want to leave his sleeping quarters and he didn’t eat very much. Toto spent the day with his beloved Waty, who preferred to stay with him. Although it’s so very sad that he has passed away, we are relieved that he died peacefully in his sleep. When we arrived this morning he was on the platform, as though he was resting.

Sadly it was not unexpected news. For some time we have been aware that at 57 years old, his body was declining. Even in passing he has left us with a feeling of tranquility and dignity, characteristics that he will always be remembered for. We feel privileged to have known him for 10 years and that we have been able to give him a good life with his close knit group. And we are grateful that we can look back and admire him in his role as leader, friend and role model for the youngest chimps.

He was one of the oldest chimpanzees, not only in Europe but also worldwide. He has had a long and not always full life. He was kidnapped from the forest in Africa, used as a pet, and then lived in a zoo where he lived alone too long after his mate died.  In April 2003, when he arrived at the sanctuary there was so much excitement when he went  to live with Romie, Bongo and Waty. Over the years he became the leader of a group that grew with the addition of Nico, Sara, Juanito, Victor, Tico and Africa.  And very soon Coco, Tom and Bea will join the group too. What a pity that Toto will not be here to see their integration into the group.

Thanks to all of our sponsors and contributors for helping us to guarantee a dignified life for Toto for ten years and surrounded by love and respect.

Toto, you will always be in our hearts. Now you can rest in peace.