Project Description

One of the best ways to offer your help is by sponsoring one of the sanctuaries chimpanzees. Your support allows us to plan for the long term, a necessity because captive chimpanzees can live to an age of 65+! Adopting a chimp is a very special gift to yourself or to others and provides a unique link to one of our closest relatives. Discover what happens in their everyday lives, share in their relationships within the group, keep updated on their health and get a true insight into what it’s like to be a resident at the sanctuary. Additionally, you can feel great knowing that you are contributing to the welfare of chimpanzees and macaques with a sad past and you are giving them a second chance to live the dignified life they deserve.

You will receive:

  • certificate of personal sponsorship,
  • a personalized adopter card,
  • photo of your sponsored animal,
  • our biannual journal Primates
  • news update every six months so you can stay up to date.

In exchange for your support we offer advantages in all our activities, including:

  • invitation to our Biennial Meeting of Collaborators,
  • discounts on all our courses
  • discounts on  family visits
  • discounts on Working Holidays as a primate caregiver
  • priority access when booking a tour to see your sponsored chimpanzee
  • Free guided tour

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Legal notice: Personal data collected will only be processed for the stated purpose and only with the user’s consent. It will in no case be transferred to third parties.

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