As we wrote in the 11th issue of our magazine, after completing an MRI we have learned that Nico has a congenital brain malformation called Chiari malformation and that is associated with a disease known as syringomyelia.

We have decided that Nico will undergo surgery after having met with several brain surgeons, we have come to the conclusion that that surgery is our only option. If we do not go through with the surgery Nico could risk losing all of his motor skills and could end up paralyzed. What worries us the most is that since his brain is not properly placed in his brain, one single sneeze could kill him. Dr.Rimbau, expert in these types of surgery, has selflessly offered his help to our organization. It goes without saying that this operation comes with certain risk, morever it is successful in humans 84% of the time. We hope that after his surgery Nico will be able to go back to normal and live a healthy life.