Mona contacted the Seprona of Mallorca in order to get more information about the past of these chimpanzees and their current situation as well as to offer our facilities as a safe haven for Adán, the male chimpanzee who has yet to be found and hopefully be recovered alive.

Sadly, there is nothing that can be done for Eva anymore, but we might still be able to help Adán. It seems that at first Adán was the property of someone who used to chain him at a gas station. But if that wasn´t bad enough, we were told that Adán used to drink a lot of beer, to such extend as to call him an alcoholic at that time. After this hardship, eventually he became property of the Safari Zoo Sa Coma at Mallorca, from which he and the female Eva escaped. Eva has been shot dead the same day, but Adán has still not been spotted.

We sincerely hope that, given the time the recuperation forces had to prepare until today, they will manage to capture him alive and unharmed, not using lethal methods, so we can offer him, after everything that happened, a better life at MONA.
We will keep you updated.