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Project Description


Her owner used her for photos with tourists on the Costa Brava. We learned of her existence when the owner himself saw MONA’S information stand at a show and approached us to find a solution to offload her. We alerted the authorities a few days later and went to the address given to us by the owner in l’Estartit, a local beach resort.
When we arrived he had already left the apartment and the country, leaving Katy chained up inside, without access to food or water.


Date of Birth:  2001
Place of Birth:  In the Wild
Arrival at MONA:  2002



Katy was the first macaque who came to MONA. When she arrived she was very young but already showing signs of stress due to the early separation from her mother and lack of socialization with her own species. She was very humane. The original idea was for her to stay here until we found a centre with a group of macaques for her to live with, because in 2002 MONA had no facilities for keeping macaques. She was placed on the waiting list of several centres, but the months went by and her self-harming behaviours increased as a way to get rid of frustration.
After eight months on the waiting list, we decided to rescue other macaques that had been intercepted and start a social group, of which she was a good leader.


For some years now she has not been the leader. She was superseded by Pipa, the other female of the group, who now rules with an iron fist and is always alert to what the others are doing. Katy has been second in command of the group for a while now in a changeable position in the hierarchy as below Pipa the other three are constantly struggling to avoid being the last and lowest ranking.
Apart from the problems caused by power struggles, it is normal to find Katy calmly grooming one of the others, basking in the sun or looking for seeds and bugs in the foliage of the Springtime.


She belongs to our only group of macaques.


  • Katy loves fruit, vegetables, herbs and especially dry bread.


  • When Katy was offered a beetle larva the first time she jumped in fright. Now however she eats them in a jiffy.
  • When Katy see hawks flying by over MONA she gives an alarm sound to the whole group and also does the same with cats.
  • When Katy was the leader of the group they all lived more contently than now with Pipa as head as she was fair and empathetic.
  • When Katy meets a new caregiver she is elusive but when growing confidence with them she threatens the caregivers constantly.


Her’s is the only group of macaques who live permanently at MONA. It is made up of two females and two males of which female Pipa is the leader.

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