One of the MONA’s key actions has been to promote a research unit, thus promoting Ethology and Primatology in its organizational strategy. The main lines of work in this area are:

We participate in research projects in the fields of ethology and primatology to evaluate and improve the conditions and welfare of the animals housed in the center. Also, in collaboration with the IPHES (Institute of Human Paleoecology and Social Evolution) we develop studies on the evolutionary roots of our behavior through primatological models of human evolution.

All the research we carry out is of ethological type, non-invasive and respecting the international legal and ethical guidelines.
Some facts about the MONA Research Unit:

  • Participation in 8 funded competitive research projects, national and international.
  • 58 scientific publications (scientific articles, abstracts, book chapters)
  • 77 scientific papers in national and international conferences
  • supervised 80 research projects (PhD thesis, master thesis, EOG papers)
  • invited to lectures 18 times

“The research provides additional tools to better understand and help our Center’s primates.”

In 2007 we launched a training program in the field of Ethology of Primates aimed at the general public and students of related subjects. Since then, more than 1800 people have been trained with us over the past eight years.

We currently offer the possibility of studying:


  • Master in Primatology
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Primatology: Research and Practice
  • Postgraduate Course in Cognition in primates and humans
  • Postgraduate Course in Primatological Tools and Methods of Research
  • Postgraduate Course in Ethology, Conservation and Welfare primates
  • Diploma with a Specialization as Field Assistant in Primatology
  • Diploma with a Specialization in Practical Field Primatology
  • Primatology Spring courses. (15h- Spanish)
  • Primatology Summer courses

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