A call for help!

On Sunday 18th November, due to an extended period of heavy rain, the Mona Sanctuary suffered its second flooding in 4 years.

As you can see from the pictures and the video the situation is serious. Overnight the banks of the local river burst and water cascaded in to the sanctuary rendering both the chimpanzee and macaque exteriors unusable.

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We implemented our emergency protocols and thanks to a huge effort from the staff everyone is safe. However, the chimps and macaques have been restricted to their overnight areas as this is the only place where we are able to control the water levels using a combination of sandbags and a water pump.

As long as there is power, we are able to provide sufficient light and heating to keep them comfortable but we are in drastic need of financial support as we lost one of our water pumps through the heavy workload and we have had a number of walkie talkie failures due to exposure to the extreme conditions.

Because the ground is already saturated, we are worried that another prolonged spell of rain will see the situation quickly escalate. Therefore, we urgently need funds to pay for new equipment to pump out water that will accumulate close to the chimp sleeping area and to repair the extensive flood damage that has affected the primate kitchens and external enclosures.

Please help us today – Every donation counts, no matter what the size.

Many thanks,

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