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Project Description


She was acquired as a baby by her former owner, bought through an animal dealer on the Ramblas of Barcelona.They did not have her on display but kept in a nearby home in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona.
By her age at the time, it is suspected that she was illegally transported in a container to the port of Barcelona.


Date of birth: Approx 1990
Place of birth: In the wild
Arrival at MONA: 14 May 2012



To begin with Coco´s owner allowed her to live freely in and around the house, as part of the family. Later she was moved to cages in the grounds that the owner had purpose built, living alone until the later arrival of two other chimpanzees, Bea and Tom, who were bought from a circus. Coco lived with Bea and sometimes with Tom. He could not always be with the girls because he would attack them out of frustration and boredom. The former owner’s situation is one of a few exemplary cases because he had legal permission to keep two of the three chimpanzees. After meeting repeatedly with wildlife experts of FAADA (foundation of assistance and action in the defence of animals) and MONA, he agreed to hand them over and promised to help us financially for their lifetime of care.


Coco is a very suspicious and introverted chimpanzee. She has trouble trusting new chimps and caregivers. She pays close attention to everything and has a very concentrated and serious look.
On the other hand is very smart and loves enrichments that are offered. Every day when presented with new environmental enrichments and challenges she will research all options and look for things she can manipulate. She is fairly quiet and not easily frustrated.
Right now she is in the process of associations with the family group members and so far she is not very motivated. She fails to interact, generally avoids any contact but sometimes tries to attack them.


Living with Bea and Tom separately from the other chimpanzees but currently in the process of associations with the Family group.


  • She loves playing with sand piles, balls, tyres and elements that can be moved and or manipulated.
  • She loves going to the other groups’ outdoor enclosure to lie on the grass, explore the structures, taste the foliage and sunbathe in a hammock.
  • She does not like potatoes, cucumber or tomato soup, but she loves juice, fruit and meat.


  • When Coco meets a new caregiver, she likes to spit a mouthful of water, when you least expect it, full in the face (to her the back is not worth it, so she waits until they turn to face her!).
  • When Coco first came to Mona she spent several weeks assessing all the fixtures of the bedrooms and association cages. She tested bolts and locks ensuring nothing was out of place!


Her group is what we call The New Rescues. Right now consists Coco and Bea. They are in the process of joining the family group.

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