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5 11, 2015

7 years since we rescued him

Today it has been exactly 7 years since we rescued Abu. From the first moment we met him, we realized that he was completely lacking in social skills and did not understand the dynamics of the group, the behaviors of dominance-submission or more importantly, the conflict resolution. Often he gave the wrong signals and provoked the others to chase him, which usually resulted in a fight. The reason for this is because he is the oldest macaque we’ve rescued, so he endured more years deprived of contact with his own kind.

But we are very pleased to tell you today, that he’s learnt how to deal with the hierarchy of the group and now his life has become much more peaceful.

Learn more about his past, his likes and fun facts visiting his profile.

20 10, 2015

Happy 15, Nico!

Our dear Nico turns 15 years old today! He has nothing to do with the traumatized little chimp who came here back in 2004. It’s already been 11 years and we have been lucky enough to share them with this special being, we’ve suffered with him, and spent many happy moments following his progresses and we continue to marvel at his self-improvement capability .

Congratulations dear Nico and may you see many more!


4 10, 2015

I/O our new MONASupport company

We are extremly proud to present our new MONASupport company. The study of design and communication I / O is socially responsible company and works for primate welfare!

29 07, 2015

Cheeta needs a new family

The MONA Foundation is getting ready to transport Cheeta to its facilities, the only chimpanzee that survived an attempted escape from a zoo in Fuerteventura (Canary Islands).

28 04, 2015

África at the dentist!

Here you have a video of that day (a little warning: better not to be watched by people that are afraid of dentists!!)

The time has finally come!!! Africa´s bad teething has finally been revised and repaired (and it was more than one tooth that needed attention). It was a tricky and long procedure, but our beloved dentist Gerardo and his Team, together with our veterinarian Josep did a fantastic job!

We will never know for sure, but her bad teething was probably the result of falling from a tree when Africa and her family were poached in the wild, producing a fracture in her jaw. In continuation due to being an illegally imported exotic animal, there was no veterinarian checking or healing her jar and living in-between humans, eating an inadequate human diet was not helping either. But we finally managed to improve this aspect of her health condition.

video dentista

Here you have a video of that day

(a little warning: better not to be watched by people that are afraid of dentists!!)

We are very happy with the results. After only a few days África started eating normal again. A big success and a big relieve at the same time, knowing that she won´t suffer due to her teeth anymore.

Many thanks to all of you who helped us make all this possible and especially to Montse who funded and donated our new anaesthetic machine. Money well invested, considering that it will make all veterinarian procedures, such as África´s teeth reparation, a lot saver from now on.

4 02, 2015

Look at Jane, ready to run!

Perhaps you saw that over the last weeks friends of MONA started to fund the MONArunners, participating in official marathons. And now we have our first MONArunner in the UK, Jane decided to run for the primates at MONA trying to help raise some funds for the primates at the Sanctuary.


Jane: “Hi everyone, back in September 2014 my partner & I were fortunate enough to visit MONA and see for ourselves the wonderful work they do every day caring for rescued chimpanzees and other primates in need. I am running the Vitality Reading Half Marathon for MONA because they are dedicated to the welfare of primates!!”
Have a look and support her cause!!!
If you also feel like raising some funds for MONA, be it by challenging yourself like Jane or in any other way, feel free to contact us at and we are happy to help you setting it up!

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