Africa has an appointment with a dentist

//Africa has an appointment with a dentist

Eventually the time has come where a dentist is needed to improve her well being and fix some of her troublesome teeth.

Africa was born in 2000 in the wild, but after only a few months she has been separated from her mother, taken away from her home and delivered to her new human owners. She arrived there with fractured jaw most likely caused during the process of capturing her. When she finally arrived at MONA many years later, her jaw was healed but because of a lack of professional veterinarian care it did not heal properly, resulting in a terrible dentition.

Now we eventually arrived to a point where a dentist is needed in order to improve her well being and fix some of her troublesome teeth. After several meetings and a closer look at her dental situation we agreed on a date. During December our veterinarian and dentist will make sure that this special chimpanzee lady will not be bothered by her teeth anymore and be able to enjoy hard, cold and hot food items again.

We want to take this opportunity and thank the professionals for offering their time and energy to ensure the health and well being of the chimpanzees and macaques at MONA.

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